Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't forget about the Salmon!!

With ice out a recent memory, it seems as though the lake is full of boats parading on the lake trout grounds like the Time Bandit or Cornelia Marie on the crab grounds. Rightfully so, because it is the time of year that the big fellows come out to play. But while boats are parading up and down hoping for that one magical fish, we're off in the distance filling up coolers and rippin lips!

That's right, the kokanee have come out to play. I very often spend the last hour or two of a slow day laker fishing chasing salmon. It gives a little satisfaction to see some tight lines and what many people don't realize is that some of the best kokanee action Blue Mesa will see all year is right now! We routinely get doubles and triples this time of year, the other day we even had the magically quad!

I love this time of year because it offers plenty for my customers to see and do. We can go try for a big laker first thing, maybe pop a pig, then go grab some table fair of delicious kokanee, and finish the day off casting for brownies on the rocky shorelines. Don't get me wrong, I love to laker fish, probably more than any other fish, but this time of year is amazing for all varities of fish. If you haven't ever experienced fishing Blue Mesa in May, maybe now is the time to give her a try!!

Tight Lines and Shoot Straight!
Ryan Johnson

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