Thursday, March 20, 2014

The pre-ice-out, I can't sit still, spring fever, to do list!

This time of year has always had a sort of love - hate relationship for me! There's still fishable ice 15 minutes down the road, the lund is still tucked into her shrink wrap bed, and I'm officially on day 3 of shorts season. The weather outside is beautiful, the sun is shinning, it feels like spring, but open water is still a couple hour drive away from our high mountain abode.

This year holds a heightened sense of spring fever for me mostly because my range of motion has been limited due to the expected arrival of my first girl any day now!! Don't get me wrong, I'm am almost too excited about my first girl, but it's hard to sit here at the computer when my friends keep posting pictures of giant walleye's, smooth water, and brand clean boats! Sure there's ice just down the road that has good cell coverage and is in acceptable hospital drive time, plus, I know the laker's are biting.  But come on, I'm in shorts already!!

Each spring seems to bring this feeling of uneasyness in anticipation of monster fish making an apperacne just after the ice gives way. I think the Mr. Andy Williams missed the mark when he sang "It's the most wonderfull time of the year." Obviously he's never experienced ice out fishing.

So in leu of time on the water, I'm spending much needed time getting ready for what is promising to be my best year yet as a guide. Here's what's on my to do list and items you  might think about as well to help take the edge off your spring fever:

1) Order Some Gear: Ice out seems to happen over night and the worst thing that can happen is getting on the water and running out of jig heads, or losing the only lure that seems to be the secret that day. Remember that rod that you stepped on at the end of last year but limped through the last couple of trips with? Don't remeber it when there's a 40lb'r on the the other end!

2) Research: I cannot overstate the importance of studying new techniques, ideas, and even the old standards. Learn a new knot, study trolling speeds as they relate to water temp, fish habits, when and where do they spawn, what temperature do they like, the list goes on and on. Knowledge is power when it comes to fishing or anything else for that matter.

3) New Line Time: Anyone that has fished with me for more than 2 minutes knows that I firmly believe half the battle in fishing is in the string between you and them. Ice out often brings super clear water and shallow water which means your line has to be in tip top shape. Plus all those cold nights in your garage can make line brittle. Nothing sucks more then realizing after four break offs and lost lures that your line is bad.

4) Office Work: This applies to you too!! Fishing license's here in Colorado expire at the end of the month. Boat registrations have to be renewed before you get on the water. For Guides, license's have to be renewed, permits have to be applied for, and time spent marketing better happen now because I sure won't be messing with it in July!

5) Plan Some Trips Now: Summers always comes and goes way to fast! I know if I don't put a couple of tourney's and trips with the family on the calender, they won't happen. Pretty soon work loads up, seems like each summer is good for a wedding or two, friends have baby's, grandparents have important anniversary, graduation's, fireworks and rodeo's all chip away at summer and pretty soon it's October. Plan a weekend or two or three right now!

I know spring fever is running a muck, but a little planning right now can make this fishing season the best of your life!!

Tight Lines and Shoot Straight
Ryan Johnson

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